Shoe Molding Machine Fault Repair

- Jun 24, 2018-

shoe molding machine

1. The shoe molding machine normal movement of the cylinder but the lack of thrust: the formation of the insole is accomplished by a combination of a fast small cylinder and a pressurized cylinder that pushes the mold closed and generates high pressure. When a fault occurs when the cylinder moves normally but the thrust is insufficient, it indicates that the fast small cylinder can quickly close the mold, but the pressurized large cylinder does not form enough thrust to make the inner bottom unable to form. There are two main causes of this failure: First, the pressure of the shoe machine hydraulic system does not reach the working pressure value, as long as the height can be adjusted; if the pressure can not be increased. The second is that the suction valve does not introduce pressure oil into the booster cylinder, so that the large oil cylinder can not generate the pressure force needed for insole forming. The method of troubleshooting is to open and clean the suction valve, replace the damaged parts and remove the blocked foreign material, and adjust Suction valve opening pressure.


2. Cylinder pressurization is sluggish: In the normal operation of the fuel tank, the insole begins to form and the thrust of the cylinder quickly reaches the forming pressure. In the event of a pressurization delay phenomenon, the self-priming function of the large oil cylinder of the shoemaking equipment is faulty, that is, no oil is drawn from the auxiliary fuel tank in the fuel tank, and the flow rate alone cannot reach the molding speed. The cause of this failure is the presence of air leakage at the pistons, seals, and tubing connections of the large cylinders, so that the oil suction chambers do not form a vacuum and they cannot absorb oil from the oil applicator. The method of troubleshooting is to eliminate the air leakage point.


3. Cylinder speed drop: The fault is characterized by the rapid movement of the cylinder, but the speed is significantly reduced. Caused by the fault is: fast oil tank seal ring damage to reduce its thrust, can not quickly push the piston and mold movement; the shoe machinery between the cylinder and the cylinder block foreign matter, rapid oil cylinder movement is blocked; hydraulic system The pressure did not reach working pressure. The method of troubleshooting is to increase the pressure of the system; RongSheng shoes machine network to check whether there is damage to the surface of the piston of the big oil cylinder. If there is any damage, it means there is foreign matter stuck, and the cylinder can be removed to remove the foreign material or repair the damaged surface so that the piston can slide freely; If the fast cylinder seal ring is damaged or the piston is out of the piston rod, the seal ring should be replaced or the piston must be repaired.

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