Second reasons for the sand molding machine misplacement

- Jun 05, 2019-

Second reasons for the sand molding machine misplacement

The tapered positioning pin adheres to the sand block: the automatic horizontal molding machine has a special design, which is the positioning of the tapered positioning pin, which is convenient for replacing the template. The template does not need to be fixed. To replace the template, only the template needs to be lifted and lowered. The replacement of the new template can enlarge the mold holder, and the replacement template is very fast. However, if the surface of the tapered positioning pin is not cleaned in time, it is easy to stick sand. When the upper and lower cases are closed during molding, the sand blowing is not clean, and the surface of the positioning pin has floating sand. The upper and lower boxes are not tightly closed, leaving a gap. There is a sand block on the board of the automatic horizontal molding machine. When the cabinet is closed, the template is not closed with the cabinet, which is easy to cause misalignment. In order to prevent the tapered positioning pin from sticking to the tapered surface, the machine is specially equipped with a sand blowing device.

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