Safety regulations and operating points of gravity die casting machine (5)

- Sep 13, 2018-

gravity die casting machine

Falling sand, cleaning (1) Falling sand cleaning workers must do a good job of personal protection, familiar with the safe operating procedures of various falling sand cleaning equipment. (2) When taking castings from the pile of castings, they should be taken from top to bottom to prevent the castings from collapsing and injuring people. Cranes should be used for the turning of major castings. When hanging a casting on a crane or tipping a casting by hand, prevent the sling or casting from squeezing the hand. To understand the weight of the casted parts, do not overload the crane. The sling should be hung on the appropriate part of the casting and cannot be hung on the pouring riser because the pouring riser is easily broken. (3) During manual sand cleaning, it is necessary to prevent residual sand and burrs on the castings, burrs on the castings, cuts on the risers and damage from the flying sand to the eyes. (4) The use of the air shovel should pay attention to: the compressed air hose of the air shovel is firmly and reliably connected with the air duct and the air shovel; the air shovel should be placed on the side of the casting to be cleaned and then started; when it is stopped, the air duct is closed. Valves, stop supplying air to the air shovel, and should insert the shovel vertically into the ground; the shovel should not be shoveled to the person to avoid flying debris.

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