Safety regulations and operating points of gravity die casting machine (3)

- Sep 09, 2018-

gravity die casting machine

Molding work,there have two kinds of sand core molding machine :one is sand core shooting machine,another is sand molding machine.

(1) Pay attention to the safety of lifting and transportation during the modling work. It is absolutely forbidden to work under the lifting object for the figure. The sand type should be placed on the stable and strong bracket to prevent the object from falling and colliding and injuring people. (2) When hand-molding and core-making, pay attention to prevent the sand box, the core box from falling to the ground, the fingers being squeezed by the sand box, the nails in the sand and other sharp metal pieces to break the hand, nails and other feet. In the operation, pay attention to the way to carry the sand box and the core box, wear the safety shoes with strong soles, and separate the nails and metal fragments in the sand by sieving or magnetic separation. (3) Stacking sandboxes for modeling to prevent collapse and injury, the total height of stacking should not exceed 2m. (4) When using the pit shape, it is necessary to understand the water level of the pit modeling part to prevent the high temperature metal liquid from exploding when the pouring occurs, and the exhaust hole should be arranged so that the gas at the bottom of the mold can be smoothly discharged. . (5) The ribs of the core iron and the sand box should not be exposed on the surface of the mold. Otherwise, because it absorbs moisture, the molten metal is prone to “bonfire” and burns the operator.

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