Safety regulations and operating points of gravity die casting machine (2)

- Sep 09, 2018-

gravity die casting machine

Workers in sand mixing operations generally use a sand mixing machine. The main danger of this machine is that when the operator reaches out to remove the sand sample or tries to shovel the sand while the sander is running, the hand is caught. Or dragged into the sand mixer to cause injury. To this end, we should pay attention to the following safety operation points when using the sand mixing machine: (1) The machine should be maintained and managed by a special person. Before the vehicle is fully inspected and confirmed to be normal, the machine can be used to start (2) the sander after start, it is not allowed to pick up the material by hand, clean the roller, and it is strictly forbidden to take the sand sample by hand to the grinding plate. (3) When entering the grinding plate for inspection and cleaning, the power must be cut off and a special person must be guarded. And on the switchgear, the safety signage of "someone overhauls, no closing" is hung. (4) The sander should have a sampler, and the sander without a sampler must be sampled after shutdown. (5) It is forbidden to shovel the sand from the machine while the sander is working. (6) Clean up the sand and objects scattered on the work site in time to ensure the safety of personnel walking.

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