Safety Code for Sand mixer

- Jan 20, 2018-

After passing the examination and holding the equipment operation certificate, the operator must strictly abide by the safety and handover system.

Before work should be in strict accordance with the lubrication requirements of oil injection, and maintain the appropriate oil flow, oil standard (window) eye-catching, oil cups, linoleum and other cleaning.

Check whether all the parts of the machine are intact, whether the rolling wheel is flexible, whether the scraper size is adjusted properly, then empty to run for 3-5 minutes, confirm the normal after the department can add sand, feed, and must be strictly in accordance with the prescribed amount of use, prohibit overload.

Sand mixer In the rotation, do not use hands to pick up the material and clean the rolling wheel, do not reach into the rolling disc to add a variety of materials, sampling must be taken from the sampling hole.

Both new and old sand must be screened to prevent the use of iron blocks and other debris into the rolling disc damage machine.

For reasons of parking, you should remove the sand and materials in the rolling plate after the start, can not be forced to start heavy vehicles.

operation, the operator must not leave, and should always pay attention to the sound and rolling wheel situation, found that abnormal situation should be immediately shut down treatment.

When the rolling wheel is not completely stopped, no hand and other devices into the rolling disc, into the rolling disc cleaning and maintenance, in addition to pulling off the power switch, hanging on the "someone overhaul, not to close" warning card, but also to set up a person to monitor.

After work, must check, clean equipment, do daily maintenance work, and the operation of the handle (switch) in the air block (0-bit), pull off the power switch, to achieve neat, clean and safe.