Precautions for use of polishing machine

- Nov 15, 2019-

Precautions for use of polishing machine

In addition to the quality of the polishing machine at the factory, which is related to the effect of product polishing, the use, maintenance, cleaning and operation at peace have a lot to do with it. To maintain the polishing machine frequently will have different effects, especially the wax dust in the chassis, to prevent precipitation; pay attention to whether there are sundries or twine under the polishing machine pad, so as to increase the resistance and motor sound , resulting in belt fracture, etc

Polishing machine

1. The equipment is not allowed to polish on the wood floor.

2. Polish on hard ground, and the ground slope shall not exceed 2%.

3. Pay attention to whether there are any sundries under the equipment during use, and check before starting the machine.

4. Before starting the machine, check the wire line. The wire shall not be excessively bent or worn.

5. Stop the machine and release the handle after the high-speed polishing machine stops rotating completely Do not use polishing pad with dust and dirt. If the polishing pad with too much scale cannot be cleaned, replace it in time When replacing and installing the polishing pad, the power must be cut off.

6. Regular cleaning and maintenance shall be carried out for the polishing machine, especially for the cleaning of the machine chassis, for example, wax dust shall be prevented from settling