Plastic Pulverizer Advantages

- Jul 10, 2018-

Plastic Pulverizer

Plastic Pulverizer Advantages

  1. The traditional EVA scrap recycling is through the high temperature and high pressure of the rubber mixing machine, and the recycled materials are easy to cause dead materials and lose the original material.

  2. The water-cooled mill has a working temperature of about 60 ° C, and the powder that is ground is fine and flexible.

  3. The sheet produced by the conventional method can be thickened by about 3-5 mm.

  4. And the density is higher, there will be no color difference.

  5. It can effectively shorten the mixing time and increase the output.

  6. All water circulation is used in the process, without any waste water and toxic gas emissions;

  7. High-speed grinding (EVA, SBR, RB foaming) soft materials for special materials of gold steel grinding wheel, directly grinding all kinds of scraps and scraps into powder, and cooling by water circulation to maintain (EVA, SBR, RB foam) Physical properties.

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