Plastic Powder Machine Technical Characteristics

- Jul 13, 2018-

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Plastic Powder Machine Technical characteristics

●The plastic powder machine uses a new tool structure to increase the output and overcome the characteristics of grinding PE production and powder coarse.

●The plastic mill has high output, fine grinding, energy saving and environmental protection.

●The plastic mill has a wide range of applications, and can grind PVC, PE, PS, PA, PC and other plastics.

●The plastic powder machine is easy to install and maintain, and can be cleaned by opening the door.

●The plastic grinding machine is completely sealed during the whole plastic grinding process, no dust pollution.

●The size of the plastic mill powder is adjustable from 10 to 120 mesh, and the adjustment is convenient.

●The plastic powder machine cooling system uses wind and water combined cooling.

●The plastic powder machine with high quality wear-resistant steel cutter, high output, good wear resistance.

●The plastic mill is fully automatic and continuous.

●The plastic powder machine has a compact structure and a small footprint.

●The plastic mill is integrated with all steel structures and is stable.

●The closed design of the plastic mill uses its own air volume and wind pressure to collect the powder it has prepared without dust leakage.

●The plastic grinding machine humanized adjustment knife, design concept, fixed knife gap transfer only need a moment, easy and free.

●The plastic powder machine is easy to maintain and clean.

●This plastic mill machine can grind all kinds of soft and hard leather into fiber at room temperature: artificial leather, PVC, PE and other molecular structure materials are ground into 20-80 mesh powder, especially suitable for plastic modification.