Plastic Powder Machine Fault Resolution (2)

- Jul 18, 2018-

Plastic Powder Machine Fault Resolution

Third, timely maintenance:

The plastic powder machine inevitably have various failures during use. Among these failures, the impact of some faults on mechanical equipment may be very small, some of which are more serious, and even cause serious accidents. The faults that occur should be dealt with in a timely manner. The so-called timely treatment is to carry out regular maintenance and repair of the plastic powder machine in accordance with the maintenance and repair procedures. The maintenance and repair of various groups must be carried out as required; in the process of use, the plastics should be strengthened. Regular and irregular inspections of plastic powder machine such as mills, timely understanding of the operation of the plastic powder machine, and timely handling of temporary failures, do not delay repairs due to small failures, do not affect the use of the machine, resulting in greater failure .

Fourth, take correct technical measures and organizational management measures:

As an organization manager and operator of industrial plastic powder machine and other milling machines, we must: ensure that machinery is protected from mechanical damage, deformation, corrosion, etc. during transportation and storage; strict mechanical maintenance work, so that the plastic powder machine is Good technical state; educate operators to use and operate various construction machinery correctly, reduce and prevent mechanical failure caused by human error; carefully maintain the machinery, do the correct and regular maintenance and regular maintenance, maintain the machine clean, regularly check the technical status of the plastic powder machine, find abnormal handling in a timely manner, timely tighten and adjust loose and misaligned parts, and preventive replacement of some wearing parts.

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