Performance characteristics of low pressure casting machines

- Nov 16, 2019-

What is the principle of a low pressure casting machine? A certain amount of dry air is compressed and filled into a completely closed holding furnace. The metal liquid in the holding furnace is pressed to the riser tube due to the air principle, and the molten metal enters the mold type along the riser tube. The cavity is punched, and under the action of air pressure, the molten metal becomes solidified in the mold cavity, so that we get a tight casting.


Performance characteristics of low pressure casting machines

    1 The structure of the mainframe is rigid and firm. The four columns are connected to the static mold base plate and the combined cylinder block to form a frame structure with good rigidity. The joint mechanism of the low-pressure casting machine is four-column guide, which is selected for quick-fit and slow speed. The matching mode in place, the fast time is fast, the slow time is slow, and the combination of speed and slowness improves the working efficiency of the low pressure casting machine and reduces the impact on the mold; the joint guiding device cannot be placed near the mold due to There is a large amount of heat in the mold, and the combined guiding device can not be affected by these temperatures, so it should be avoided to be placed near the mold; the height of the fitting can be adjusted arbitrarily within the stroke range, which is especially suitable for multi-variety small batch production;

    2 Hydraulic system. Hydraulic pump uses variable displacement piston pump, this is to ensure that the hydraulic system can maintain a constant pressure, the flow of liquid can also be adjusted as needed, saving a lot of energy; the seal of the cylinder in all hydraulic systems For the imported seals, it has a good sealing effect. The core puller is made of high temperature resistant seals. It not only has a good sealing effect, but also can withstand a certain temperature. Each cylinder can be operated manually according to the actual situation. Adjustment.

    3 Mold cooling system. After the mold passes through the punching process, its temperature rises very high and needs to be cooled. The mold cooling system is a system specially designed for the cooling of the mold. The low-pressure casting machine can be equipped with a multi-channel air-cooling circuit, a water-cooled cooling circuit, or a natural cooling method with time, which can be adjusted as needed. The cooling parameters can be modified in the upper computer settings.

    4 Holding furnace. The holding furnace first needs to keep warm, keep the molten metal in a liquid state, and use a molten pool type holding furnace. Radiant heating, PID control. Rated temperature range: 680-750 °C, temperature control accuracy: ± 5 ° C; The connection between the holding furnace and the static template is a rigid connection, which not only shortens the distance from the aluminum liquid level of the holding furnace to the mold, but also reduces the process requirements of the casting;