New direction in the sand molding foundry industry

- Mar 29, 2019-

New direction in the sand molding foundry industry

Smart sand molding machine were born under the impetus of modern science and technology. Smart sand molding foundry machine are a necessary condition for the development of modern manufacturing. Therefore, the demand for smart molds making will grow with the development of the industry. The market determines production, and smart sand molding machine are the future demand. Most of course, it will also become the development direction of the mold industry.

The use of intelligent foundry molding machine to produce products can further improve product quality and production efficiency, more material, automated production and green manufacturing.

Therefore, although the current total amount of smart molds is still small, it represents a new development direction of mold technology, and will play an increasingly important role in the industrial product structure adjustment and development mode transformation. The development of intelligent molds will inevitably play a powerful role in promoting the rapid improvement of the entire sand molding equipment industry.

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