Multi-station combination CNC milling machine maintenance guide

- Aug 15, 2018-

cnc milling machine

In recent years, special machine tools and combination machine tools have been used more and more widely in the metal processing industry, especially multi-station combined machine tools, which are used as a high efficiency, high performance, high precision and low cost drilling and tapping. The device has been widely used in automobile and motorcycle parts, hardware manufacturing, plumbing valves, electronic appliances and other industries. And created huge economic benefits.

So how to do the maintenance of multi-station combined machine tools has become a topic of concern for many combination machine users. Let us tell you the multi-station combination machine maintenance guide:

1. Before using the multi-station combination machine tool, you must be familiar with the installation, commissioning and maintenance of the machine tool. Before starting the machine, check whether the components are in good condition, whether the movement is flexible, whether the workpiece is clamped, and whether the operation is safe. After confirming, open the empty car for five minutes, and the high-speed cutting machine needs to be empty for fifteen minutes before cutting.

2. Multi-station combination machine tool spindle uses high-speed lubricating grease. After using for a period of time, the spindle should be disassembled and cleaned with kerosene and then smeared with high-speed grease;

3, the machine tool uses 32# mechanical oil, at least 2 times per shift;

4, the machine must be kept clean, immediately remove debris, the active part is not allowed to have water and dirt;

5. Regularly clean the column, at least once a week;

6. Clean the work surface every day;

7. Clean the electric turntable after completion every day, and remember to add at least 2 times a week to the lubricating oil;

8, clean the multi-axis every day, and remember to add lubricants;

9. Clean the electrical box and motor every day, check the position of the electrical device, ensure that the electrical appliance is fixed, safe and tidy, and keep it ventilated. Check if the ground wire is intact.

I hope that the above multi-station combination machine maintenance guide will help you. If you have other questions or requirements about the combination machine, you can contact us.

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