Management and maintenance of papermaking machinery

- Dec 17, 2019-

1. Equipment management - prevention first

Papermaking industry is determined by its technology, equipment cluster and monomer are relatively large, and continuous, a high degree of automation. Therefore, once the damage often has a huge impact, in order to avoid the loss caused by major problems and uncontrollable problems as much as possible, the mechanism design is constantly changing and improving, such as regular inspection, spot inspection, etc., to a large extent, has been controlled.

On this basis, advanced equipment testing methods play an important role. Successful fault diagnosis, especially the diagnosis that can report the fault in advance, will produce obvious benefits. This kind of benefit is extremely considerable under special circumstances. Secondly, fault diagnosis technology can play an important role in equipment maintenance. It can not only greatly save human resources, but also change the way of maintenance - replacing planned maintenance with advanced state maintenance, which will have a positive impact on the management of inventory spare parts. Therefore, on the basis of the cooperation platform with users, the company continuously integrates and improves the existing resources and means to truly achieve the purpose of helping users control costs and improve comprehensive benefits.

2. Equipment management - timely maintenance, repair and recycling

Due to the influence of the production process and equipment operation law, unexpected problems occur from time to time and are difficult to control. Therefore, timely maintenance after the event will play a crucial role in reducing the loss. At the same time, due to the continuous upgrading of investment in automation and high-speed equipment, the production cost of the unit product is constantly reduced, but the cost of equipment maintenance is increasing. Many enterprises often pay attention to the reduction of manufacturing cost and neglect the maintenance cost which usually accounts for 5% - 15% of the production cost. At the same time, when many enterprises are looking for ways to reduce maintenance costs, they only pay attention to unpredictable and uncontrollable sudden failures and ignore the conventional problems in the whole equipment operation system. Just the effective control of conventional consumable problems can not only reduce a lot of maintenance costs, but also greatly improve the efficiency of production equipment, and reduce the number of major problems Rate, realize equipment efficiency and cost control. Meijiahua international has a global integration platform for technology, products, and other related resources. At present, we have a series of technologies and products such as equipment testing, equipment maintenance, energy saving, environmental protection, etc. on this platform. These technologies and products play an important role in helping users realize resource optimization, such as energy conservation and consumption reduction, environmental protection, cost control, etc., and help them achieve hundreds of millions of economic benefits and significant social benefits