Main technical features of the foundry molding machine (1)

- Jan 14, 2019-

Main structure of the static pressure molding machine

Static pressure molding is considered to be the ideal modeling method for tidal sand. Its equipment is mainly composed of louver sanding bucket, multi-contact, residual sand frame, formwork frame, lifting table, template changing device, upper frame moving device, The composition of the external quick change plate device (the quick change plate is an option), the compact process is divided into four processes:

(1) Adding sand

In the natural drop method, the sand filled by the weighing machine is filled into the sand box and the residual sand frame through the louver type sanding bucket.

(2) Compaction

The sand type is finally compacted under the compaction of multiple contacts, and the compaction specific pressure can be adjusted within the range of 0.2~1.5Mpa.

(3) Starting the mold

The template is separated from the mold by a back-feed mold.

(4) template conversion

The rotary table rotates 180 degrees to switch between the upper and lower modes.

SAND molding machine