Low pressure casting machine technology revolution

- Nov 18, 2019-

Low pressure casting machine technology revolution:

(1) Low pressure casting machine complete sets of equipment configuration configuration and processing technology regulations intimate and seamlessly consider the main parameters of many processing techniques. The liquid level filling management system will accept the PLC programmable logic control system (Programmable logic control) on the temperature of each position of the grinding tool and the temperature adjustment monitor of the aluminum alloy liquid in the holding furnace, and the low pressure casting machine will adjust the liquid level in the holding furnace. The aspect ratio transformation and the furnace wall leakage automatic compensation, fully automatic adjustment of the filling work pressure and time main parameters, the inspection process is best to maintain and repeatability of the processing. The main parameters of the in mold processing technology can be clearly reflected from the screen. The difference between the main parameters of the original processing technology (curve diagram) and the main parameters of the actual processing technology can be reduced to within the specification level after PLC operation.

(2) Technical transformation of low pressure casting machine The CAD scheme of the bottom-pressure casting mold can simulate the whole process of filling and coagulation of aluminum alloy liquid, so that the wearer in consumption considers the fluidity of the filling metal type casting to be stable, sequential condensation and loss of sufficient feeding. Moreover, the grinding tool can obtain a large inner wall inclined surface through the CAD/CAM scheme and the inspection and repair port after the production and processing. The precision of the grinding tool specification exceeds ±0.05 mm, and the roughness Ra<0.8 μm. The precision of low-pressure castings can be increased to CT4-5, and the roughness is landing to Ra<1.6 μm.

In the bottom pressure casting mold, there are many sensing technology components for temperature and working pressure, several heating and water cooling enterprises, and a single-channel electronic computer monitor, which has convenient sockets with the server.


(3) The server accepts an integrated hydraulic machine management system. The grinding tool can be quickly and accurately positioned and locked by the hydraulic machine. Quickly load and unload the grinding tools, all die injection receiving clamping casting water cooling outwork aspect ratio automation technology. Common faults are fully automatic alarms, diagnosed, and shut down.

(4) In order to make the low pressure casting machine technology change low casting parts lose the shrinkage and condensation under the larger working pressure, the core shooting machine low pressure casting has grown to the gas pressure forging layer. There is no doubt that the working pressure in the pot and the grinding tool is over filled, and the internal pressure difference between the pot and the grinder exceeds the overall goal of low pressure casting.This processing technology is now available for consumption, but the processing technology configuration is huge and the level of automation technology is low. The 21st century will greatly simplify the processing technology configuration and upgrade the level of automation technology.