Influence of milling machine power head performance on surface quality of parts

- Aug 14, 2018-

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The milling pin power head of milling machine is mainly used for metal milling and pinning processing, which means that the performance of the power head has a decisive influence on the surface quality of the workpiece.

1. Effect of wear resistance on surface quality

Between the two contact surfaces of a newly fabricated Capricorn, the initial stage is at the peak of the rough surface, the actual contact area is much smaller than the theoretical contact area, and there is a very large unit stress in the part where the power head and the workpiece contact each other. To cause plastic deformation, elastic deformation and shear failure between the peaks at the actual contact area, causing severe wear.

2. Influence of fatigue strength on surface quality

Under the action of alternating load, the valley of the surface roughness is likely to cause stress concentration and fatigue pattern. The larger the surface roughness value, the deeper the surface marks, and the lower the radius of the bottom, the worse the ability to resist fatigue damage. Residual stress has a great influence on the fatigue strength of the part. The residual tensile stress of the surface layer will expand the fatigue crack and accelerate the fatigue damage; while the residual stress of the surface layer can prevent the expansion of the fatigue crack and delay the generation of fatigue damage.

3. Effect of corrosion resistance on surface quality

The corrosion resistance of a part depends to a large extent on the surface roughness. The greater the surface roughness value, the higher the stability requirements for the power head. The residual tensile stress of the surface layer causes stress corrosion cracking, which reduces the wear resistance of the part, while the residual compressive stress prevents stress corrosion cracking.

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