Induction Melting Furnace Energy Saving Technology Performance Analysis (2)

- Sep 28, 2018-

Induction MELTING Furnace

5, installed an automatic control system:

Stable and reliable water temperature detection control, real-time acquisition, recording, storage of process control data and corresponding classification search, query, function.

Real-time detection of process control effects; in the process of equipment operation, real-time analysis of the monitoring and monitoring device's follow-up state, timely display of Chinese characters in various abnormal situations, and sound and light alarm.

Convenient and quick operation mode Two sets of independent operation control systems, one set is a commonly used button control system and man-machine interface operation control system. All control logic is set in the program and will not cause human error and damage the device.

According to the need, the operator can implement the verification function of setting password and password, and the management function of production record inquiry and printing authority.

Clear and friendly operation interface, all kinds of operations at a glance, you can get started without having to memorize the complicated operation rules.

The flow sensor can be installed to realize the flow status of each water channel inside the equipment, and the flow rate of each branch can be adjusted according to the cooling requirements of each component. If any water fails, the human-machine interface immediately displays the fault occurrence point and sounds. The light alarm automatically stops the operation of the device, which is convenient for the user to find the problem point. Completely overcome the traditional equipment with water pressure as an alarm signal and may appear a certain waterway blocking equipment is still working, resulting in equipment damage.

The perfect external control interface can easily realize closed-loop control such as external temperature.