IGBT Induction Furnace energy-saving IF technology

- Sep 24, 2018-

Induction Furnace

The inverter part adopts integrated IGBT power components, integrates the functions of drive, protection and lock. It adopts customized low-sensitivity composite busbar, high insulation level, low leakage inductance, good parallel current IGBT current sharing effect, high reliability of power components and energy consumption. Reduce by 10%.

Series resonant dual power supply technology, rectification is full, power factor is high, high harmonics are small; full digital control, all trigger models are transmitted through optical fiber, which can automatically adjust the power ratio and output total power of two sets of furnace according to the control state, which is easy to realize. Switching of furnace heating, heat preservation and shutdown. The components are designed reasonably, and the flow channel is thermally simulated. The reliability is high. The device operates at less than 50% of the rated capacity, and the safety factor is 100%. The cabinet is tested for electromagnetic compatibility to avoid the magnetic field from interfering with the overall sealing design of the cabinet, safely and protected from dust pollution, and has high electrical efficiency.

The main control board has a perfect double protection mechanism: when the system is in normal operation, the main control board monitors DC voltage, DC current, inverter voltage, inverter current, induction coil voltage, electric heating capacitor working voltage and thyristor off time in real time. When one of the values has its preset protection value, the main control board will automatically limit the continued change of the parameter to ensure reliable and safe operation of the system.