Hydraulic Swing Arm Cutting Machine Height Setting In The Production Process

- Jun 02, 2018-

Hydraulic Swing Arm Cutting Machine

1. Hydraulic swing arm cutting machine remove the debris from the plastic sheet on the cutting table of the cutting machine, and place the cutting tool in the center of the plastic sheet.

2. After the cutting machine is started, set the handwheel to release, and turn the “pressure” counterclockwise to zero.

3. The cutting machine rotates the setting switch to the right direction to the “tool setting” direction. Cutting the pressing plate 13 starts to slowly descend to the close-fitting die and stops automatically.

4. The cutting machine pushes the setting handwheel to the bottom and tightens it. Reply Before starting 04 Set the switching system (left-handed) to the "Cut" position.

5. Press the brake switch again and cut the pressure plate immediately to the highest position. At this time, the mold setting is completed.

Adjustment of semi-automatic precision four-column cutting machine cutting point

1. After the tool setting work is completed, the cut material is placed on the glue plate, then the tool mold is placed on the material, and the feed plate is pushed into the cutting area.

2. Use both hands to press the 12 cutting switch respectively. At this time, press the cutting plate to lower the pressure on the knife mold. After the material is cut off from the knife mold, it will automatically return to the position before the start and stop.

3. When punching the material, if it is found that the material is not completely cut, adjust the 03 cutting depth controller and turn the “pressure system” clockwise in the opposite direction; if the die plate is pressed into the rubber plate too deep, the “pressure system” will be used. Turn counterclockwise, the longer the adjustment time, the deeper the cutting depth, and try to adjust until the die is pressed slightly into the glue plate.

4. Pull the feed plate out of the cutting area and remove the cut material. This completes a blanking process.

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