Hydraulic swing arm cutting machine

- Jul 24, 2018-

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Hydraulic swing arm cutting machine Introduction

The machine is used predominately by companies that have high demands on ergonomics, ease of use, long service life and low maintenance costs yet still ex- pect high performance for this type class. This machine is therefore often used by the shoe industry, textile industry and automotive supplier industry. Earlier versions of this series have been manufactured by us for more than 100 years and are in use around the world. Compared to the 1028C variant and types of other manufacturers, the 1018 machine has the following differences: 

  • Improved forced-feed lubrication of swing post. The swingable pressure column is supported by a liquid bearing and can thus be easily moved by the operator.

  • Lightweight aluminium pressure foot for even easier use.

  • Increased low point precision at end of stroke due to cut-off at low point with the help of an electronic displacement transducer instead of a conventional pushbut- ton. As a result, the idle time of tools and cutting boards is considerably increased.

  • Monitoring of bending (overload protection) with the help of sensors. As an additional option cut-off by means of a sensor instead of the displacement transducer. This has the advantage that smaller tools no longer require setting and that the machine can be used at various tool heights without having to reset the machine.

  • Siemens S7 control with operation over a modern Touch Panel for easy and intui- tive operation.

  • Fast and easy tool setting (only one keypress required. Correction of low point with the help of a button if necessary)

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