How Is Jumbo Roll Tissue Toilet Paper Making Machine Working

- Apr 21, 2018-

Toilet Paper Machine.jpg

Toilet Paper Equipment Process:

Jumbo roll paper pass through : Jumbo Roll Stands >  (Color Printing Unit) > Embossing Units > Perforating Unit > Paper Core Shelf  >  Auto Cutter & Glue Sprayer. ( It can add paper core, upload mother jumbo roll automatically and cut finished roll out from machine and spray glue on it automatically. )

Output Paper: Toilet Paper Roll

  1. Basis weight: 13-25g/m2

  2. Paper width: 1880mm(1800mm)

  3. Cylinder width: 2300mm

  4. Design speed: 150m/min

  5. Working speed: 80-120m/min

  6. The capacity: 5.5T/D

  7. The gauge: 2800mm

  8. Pressure type: pneumatic pressure

  9. Hanging pulp mode: downside hanging pulp

  10. Drive type: section drive with AC frequency conversion

  11. Machine design: square box, left- and right-side machine

  12. Working hours a day: 22.5-23 hours

  13. Output rate: 95%

  14. Arrangement: one layer layout 


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