How to use the sand belt polishing machine

- May 09, 2019-

How to use the sand belt polishing machine?

Only when the belt of sand belt polishing machine is properly selected and used correctly, and the various problems that occur in the use of the belt can be correctly solved, the superiority of the abrasive belt grinding and the optimum grinding performance of the belt can be utilized to ensure the polishing of the belt. The quality of the machined workpiece.

1.Processing before the belt is used

Although the belt storage is important, if the belt is not properly treated before use, it will seriously affect its performance.

2.Belt suspension

The belt should be suspended for at least 2-5 days before use, the purpose of which is to eliminate the curl caused by the packaging. Hang the unpacked belt on a 100-200mm diameter pipe or a dedicated belt support. The length of the pipe should be greater than the width of the belt, otherwise the belt will easily fall off or produce a flare; the pipe should be horizontal, otherwise the edge of the belt will be damaged. The suspended belt should have its ambient temperature and humidity in accordance with the storage conditions of the belt. The easiest way is to keep it dry with a few 40W or 64W bulbs in a sealed room.

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