how to use the casting machine(2)

- Nov 08, 2018-

casting machine

Take the horizontal type and the outer shape of the box as an example to illustrate how to use the pouring machine.

Therefore, regarding the horizontal classification, there is a box outside the production line to produce gray iron, which is most suitable for heating furnaces with heating and insulation, and some foreign foundries, even after the selection of the insulation casting furnace, directly cancel the holding furnace, and change the production technology to the melting road - The double-connected technology of the insulated casting furnace greatly reduces the operating cost and improves the output power of the external line.

There are different conditions for the production of ductile iron in the horizontal type. Because the iron oxide slag is extraordinarily large, it is very difficult to remove in the heat preservation casting furnace. Even if nitrogen maintenance is used, there will still be a lot of slag. It often affects the use of the casting furnace. In this case, we instead advocate the use of the appropriate size of the non-heating insulation ladle. This is because the ductile iron is spheroidized, and it usually takes 8 to 10 minutes to make up for the molten iron. If it is not possible to make up for the molten iron, it is necessary to return the molten iron to the furnace. Thus the defects of the non-heated ladle are less pronounced here. However, in Europe and the United States foundry, if the production of messy ball iron parts, still often choose to use heating and insulation casting furnace. This is because they believe that a heated casting furnace can maintain temperature stability and adhere to the purity of molten iron, which is crucial for producing high-quality castings, even if it pays a heavy slag.