how to use the casting machine(1)

- Nov 03, 2018-

casting machine

Take the horizontal type and the outer shape of the box as an example to illustrate how to use the pouring machine.

The horizontal type has a box outer line and is usually divided into a domestically simple mechanized outer line or an imported automatic outer line. The most important feature of the domestically-made mechanized profile line is that the shape is usually slower, and the size of the flask is not too large in dozens of models per hour. This type of profile is usually filled with a craft casting or a mechanical casting machine (such as a teapot casting machine or a fan casting machine) to meet the demand, so we will not comment. Imported automatic profile line Perhaps the biggest feature of some domestic gas line is: high profile line speed, extremely messy organization, more auxiliary machines, often deep core missions, and the appearance line often stops production for a short time. This situation is rather messy, let's take a look at the different situations:

Regarding the horizontal classification, there are box exterior lines. Some engineers think that the bottom injection type casting machine cannot be used. It is necessary to use a large teapot casting machine. For example, a well-known diesel engine factory in China produces a large number of single gray iron castings produced by the engine body and the cylinder head. They spend nearly 10 million to introduce a large teapot casting machine for pouring. However, in other countries in the world, this is the most suitable application for the use of pneumatic insulation casting furnaces. It is well known that such a large profile line usually consists of a lot of mainframes and auxiliary machines, and usually has a deep core mission, often for various reasons. The non-heated pouring machine is used. Even if we don't think about the reliability of the pouring machine for the time being, the temperature loss of the molten iron in the pouring machine is very large. Once the external line is stopped for a short time due to various reasons, the pouring machine is often caused by the inside of the bag. If the temperature of the molten iron is too low to be poured, it is necessary to send the molten iron back to the electric furnace to raise the temperature, which not only affects the yield of the casting machine and the external line, but also affects the normal production of the electric furnace. Moreover, once the exterior line is returned to production, the pouring machine may need to be hot-packed and preheated before it can be used, which greatly affects the yield.