How to use grey iron sand casting machine?

- Mar 19, 2019-

How to use grey iron sand casting machine

Instructions for use

1. Security issues.

The device has complete functions and many parameters. In order to prevent equipment damage caused by misoperation, the operator must be trained before operating.

2. Automatic operation

The automatic and semi-automatic operating conditions are:

The upper frame is in place, the pusher is out of limit, the pushback limit is set, the air pressure is normal (generally 6 kg or more), no fault alarm, the lower frame returns to the position, the lower cover returns to the position, and all the above conditions are satisfied before automatic Or semi-automatic startup.

3. Emergency situation

The safety factor of the system is high. When the model door is opened, or the safety grating has obstructing objects, the device will enter a sleep state, and each action will “stop” to prevent personal injury or equipment damage, such as when an unexpected situation occurs. , press the emergency stop button, then turn the operation mode to “manual” and then manually complete the desired action.

grey iron sand casting machine