How to solve the polishing machine problem of overpolishing?

- Jul 22, 2019-

In the process of daily use of the automatic polishing machine, the big problem encountered by the user is “excessive polishing”. The polishing time is too long, which makes the surface quality of the equipment mold worse, and there are often phenomena such as “orange peel” and “pitting”. What should we do when we encounter such a situation? Here's how to solve the "over-polishing" problem of the polishing machine.

When the workpiece appears "orange peel" phenomenon, it is caused by overheating of the mold surface or excessive carburization. When the polishing pressure is relatively large, the polishing time will lead to "orange peel" phenomenon, then what is "orange"? What about skin? The surface is irregular and rough; for the harder steel, the polishing pressure is relatively large, and for the softer steel, it is very prone to over-polishing.

So what can be done to eliminate the “orange peel” of the workpiece? We must first remove the defective surface, and then the grinding particle size is slightly thicker than the previously used sand number, reducing the tempering temperature by 25 ° C and then eliminating the stress, followed by the sand with a fine sanding tool. Grind and polish at a lighter strength until satisfactory.

The so-called "pitting" is the case where spotted pits appear on the surface of the polished workpiece. This is because some non-metallic impurities, usually hard and brittle oxides, are mixed in the metal workpiece. If the polishing pressure is too high or the polishing time is too long, these impurities are pulled out from the surface of the steel to form a pit-like pit. Especially when the purity of the steel is not enough, the content of hard impurities is high; when the surface is rusted or the black leather material does not clear the feeling, it is more prone to "pitting".

How to eliminate the phenomenon of "pitting"? The surface of the workpiece is reground, and the abrasive grit used is slightly thicker than the previously used pellets, and the grinding force must be small. The final step of the grinding is then carried out using a soft and sharp oil stone to achieve a satisfactory result before the polishing process. When polishing, if the size of the grit is less than 1 mm, the softest polishing tool should be avoided. The intensity of running light should be as small as possible and the time should be as short as possible.

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