How to self test in shoe making machine

- Aug 06, 2018-

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1. The user can observe with the naked eye: put the new hydraulic oil and the hydraulic oil being used into different test tubes, compare the two samples, check the color of the oil, the presence or absence of the float, and precipitate on the lower side of the test tube. Moisture and so on.


2. Use the comparative method of stain inspection on the equipment of the equipment. After dropping a few drops of the hydraulic oil in use (usually using blotting paper) in the filter paper, observe for 2 to 3 hours. If the oil is contaminated or decomposed, it is easy to see the stain. Although it is difficult to judge whether the hydraulic oil is replaced or not, an appropriate hydraulic oil replacement cycle can be obtained by experienced technician.


3. If the above results are abnormal, it is necessary to carry out further tests in the testing agency or the laboratory that sells the industry. Experts in sales companies and testing agencies should know if they need to be replaced immediately.


4. The user should check the equipment of CBC Shoes Making Machine Network regularly, at least once a month, and the component inspection by the oil supplier should be inspected once a month before the installation of the injection molding machine for three months. After three months of installation, Check every three months.

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