How To Repair Toe Lasting Machine When Sweep Knife Can Not Move

- Jun 08, 2018-

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The toe lasting machine is an indispensable machine in the shoemaking equipment.It not only solves the problem of manual climbing, but also improves the production and saves the production cost. But no matter what kind of machine, day after day, year after year, there will be fatigue, there will be a sick day, so how to repair toe lasting machine when sweeping knife can not move?

1, the current helper is open, suddenly the knife does not move the situation, the boot staff do not panic, keep calm. Press the switch button switch to stop the motor.

2, check whether the knife is because of prolonged use is not the lock nut loosening the knife, it will lead to the knife does not move.

3. Check if the circuit board connected to the knife is broken. If this happens, the knife cannot be moved.

4, We can also check the knife heating thermostat, there is no damage, whether to open the knife after the thermostat, the indicated scale in the 5-6 position. If not, it is necessary to first repair the knife to heat the thermostat.

5, Check the stop switch to see if it is locked, because the stop switch is to adjust the speed of the blade forward speed. Stopping the switch if it is locked will also cause the sweeper to stop. Now we only need to repair or replace the new stop switch.

6, Check the solenoid valve to see if it is a failure, it is to control the auxiliary role of the knife. If it fails, the sweeping knife can't move.

7, check the flow valve, which is to control the speed of the auxiliary knife movement speed, clockwise rotation, speed slow, counterclockwise rotation, speed faster.

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