How to operate toilet paper machine ?

- Jun 11, 2018-

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During the use of the napkin paper machine, there should be fixed personnel responsible for the care of the operator must have a certain level of technology. Before the installation of the tissue machine, the operator must carry out the necessary technical training so that they understand the principle and performance of the tissue machine and be familiar with the operating procedures. The cardboard and packaging plates are stacked at the selection center of the tissue machine, and the height is not allowed to exceed 1.5 meters. The packing plate must not be erected to prevent the tipping injury. It is not allowed to sit on the stack of paper, trapped and depended on it. When the toilet paper lifting platform is opened, a notice must be given first to prevent the wounded from pulling the paper car. To prevent the dumping of paper piles and hurt people, when pulling the paper cart out of service, you must slow down the vehicle and throw it down to prevent injury. When removing the packing board, beware of wood stabs to prevent stabbing the skin. Put on protective gloves to prevent the cardboard from cutting your hand and pay attention to the forklift. Prevent the injured electoral management office from keeping the site clean and tidy. The iron and leather must be promptly removed and the damaged packing boards must be removed to prevent iron or nails from damaging the feet.

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