How To Operate Shoe Lasting Machine

- Jun 28, 2018-

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Shoe Lasting Machine Operation method:

The shoe lasting machine size of the midsole should be matched with the steamed bun, and in principle it should not exceed the edge of the bun;

The shape of the tensioner needs to be matched with the shoe last;

The shape of the sweeper is larger than the heel of the head and the curvature is similar;

The angle after placing the brace on the buns shall be parallel to the surface of the sweeper so as to have a better knotting effect;

The height of the shoe lasting machine gimmick after placing the brace should not be too high, so as not to affect the work height caused by the shoe hitting the positioning bar, and the height of the brace will affect the tying effect;

The position of the first step of supporting the platform should not be too much before or too late so as to avoid damage to the upper or the tensioner;

If the upper is made of leather or P.V.C material, the wiper thermostat can be turned on to heat the wiper. Generally, the temperature is about 70°C and better knotting effect can be achieved.

After the shoe lasts, do not extract the nail on the midsole from the machine to prevent the removed nail from falling into the support cylinder and causing oil leakage.

This machine is suitable for any shoe type, including: children's shoes, sports shoes, women's shoes, riding boots, leather shoes, labor insurance shoes and so on.

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