How to maintain the five-axis CNC polishing machine?

- Jun 12, 2019-

How to maintain the five-axis CNC polishing machine?

1, five-axis CNC polishing machine needs to be maintained, maintained by the person, cleaned daily. Purge the entire unit with filtered, purified compressed air. Keep it clean to increase the life of your machine.

2, five-axis CNC polishing machine idling for a few minutes each time. Filling the lubricant with frequent friction and activity

3, The dust suction device should be activated when the five-axis CNC polishing machine is running.

4, five-axis CNC polishing machine installation automatic refueling system

The automatic oil filling pump will automatically inject the lubricating oil into the equipment once every time it is turned on. In addition, it is necessary to inject the lubricating oil into the equipment, and the lubrication time can be set by itself. See the instructions on the automatic oil pump for the setting method. ‚ Be sure to check if there is enough oil in the automatic oil pump every week. If not, you can add oil to the automatic oil pump. The lubricating oil used is a diluted lubricating oil. The amount of oil added is preferably added to the 3/4 fueling frame.

5, Five-axis CNC polishing machine automatic wax spraying device needs special attention:

a. It is best to install 2/3 of the wax spray can when it is used to polish the wax in the spray can.

b. If the polishing machine is not used for a long time, the wax remaining in the spray gun should be sprayed or cleaned automatically. Prevent the wax remaining in the spray gun from solidifying and blocking the spray gun head.

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