How to exclude the shoe sole pressing machine breakdown ?

- Aug 08, 2018-

shoe sole pressing machine

The shoe sole pressing machine breakdown following methods can help the workers to eliminate the failure of the sole press machine:


1. The shoe sole pressing machine can't start: Check the power switch, whether the foot switch is damaged, if any, please replace it; check whether the power supply line of the machine is faulty; check whether the hydraulic pressure components are damaged, that is, check whether the indicator light is on or off. The motor has abnormal noise: the temperature is high, check whether the pressure is too high; whether the oil circuit has oil leakage


2. Check if the power cord is connected (must be 380V/50HZ power supply)


3. When the power switch is turned on, check if the power indicator of the sole press machine is normal.


4. The voltage required by the shoe sole press machine is displayed on the panel and power cord label. It is required to plug the plug into the circuit socket with magnetic switch protection. Note that the plug used must comply with the ECC standard.


5. After the shoe sole press machine is installed, please add 68# or 46# hydraulic oil of about 90-100 liters to the machine fuel tank for production.

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