How To Choose a Shoe Cutting Machine? (2)

- Jun 18, 2018-

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Second. Mechanical transmission cutting machine

The cutting machine of general mechanical transmission has high speed and stable operation (after adjustment, the lower stroke limit will not change), and the punching force is relatively large; the biggest drawback is that the noise is large. So gradually since the 60's, hydraulic cutting machines have been replaced.

Third, hydraulic transmission cutting machine

The main basis for determining the function of the hydraulic cutting machine is: the size of the punching force and the punching speed. The punching force is very big, but the punching speed is very low, or the punching speed is very high, but the machine with very small punching force cannot successfully complete the punching task. The rocker arm hydraulic cutting machine generally has a high punching speed for a mechanically driven cutting machine, which is approximately 250 beats/min. The punching speed is variable and the average punching speed is 200 mm/s. The cutting speed of the hydraulic cutting machine is generally greater than 75 mm/s.


The mechanical drive cutting machine and the hydraulic drive cutting machine are different, mainly determined by the different characteristics of the two types of transmission: the mechanical transmission is a rigid transmission, and the hydraulic transmission does have a certain degree of flexibility.

Hydraulic cutting machine is characterized by: When the punching die through the die action on the workpiece at the moment, the pressure inside the acting cylinder does not reach the rated pressure, the pressure will increase with the time (contact cut into the work) and increase until The electromagnetic commutation valve receives a signal, the directional valve is commutated, and the punching head begins to reset; at this time, the pressure in the fuel tank may not reach the set rated pressure value due to the time limit of the pressure oil entering the oil cylinder; Say, the system pressure has not reached the design value, the punching has been completed.