How to choose a automatic molding machine?

- Jun 10, 2019-

How to choose a automatic molding machine?

The casting shapes on the market today mainly include sand-blasting, compacting and shock-molding casting. The sand-blasting casting molding machine has a core shooting machine, which has quick sand production and high production efficiency, but it must be properly sand-treated.

The shock-type casting molding machine adopts micro-shock pressure type, which uses the falling of the table to collide with the floating shock iron, and the micro-shock compact sand, and then compacting the quality of the sand shell is better, the foundation is also low, but more Suitable for products with relatively small sand shells.

Three major steps before and after casting: styling, pouring, and baking. The styling is the first step and the basis for pouring. If the shape of the sand shell is immature, over-mature, and uneven maturity will directly affect the finished product grade. Therefore, the quality of the shape directly affects the yield of casting.

SAND molding machine

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