How to check the sand molding machine?

- May 31, 2019-

How to check the sand molding machine?

The sand molding machine is the main equipment on the sand molding line, and after a period of use, there will often be a slow and slow swing, which will affect the working efficiency of the molding equipment. At this time, it is necessary to diagnose it, analyze the cause of the situation, and timely deal with it to ensure the recovery of the sand molding machine.

The first step is to open the cover on the top of the indenter to see if the rack is corroded seriously. If this condition is found, the iron sand molding machine and the indenter will be slow. At this time, kerosene or gasoline cleaning can be used to eliminate the corrosion.

If the first step does not occur, start the second inspection. At this time, the flanges on both sides of the indenter should be opened to check whether the Y-ring on both sides of the rack is aged or deformed. If this happens, Will shape the indenter work slowly.

If the first two cases do not occur, start the third step. At this time, you need to open the upper flange behind the indenter. It is necessary to check whether the butter of the gear bearing has deteriorated. If this happens, you can use kerosene or Gasoline flushing, while moving the indenter, will feel looser and looser.

The fourth step is to check the gap between the front and the back of the indenter, and there are foreign objects such as iron shovel. After the foreign matter is removed, the test run can be performed.

If the above situation does not occur, open the two intake pipes on the back of the indenter, and pull the control valve in the original position and swing in, check whether the inlet air intake is large enough. If the intake air volume is small, the sand molding machine pressure will also be caused. The head swings slowly, and for this reason it can be checked until the valve is operated, and then until the air is filtered.

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