How To Buy a Shoe Press Machine?

- Jun 23, 2018-

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With the development of shoe making machinery, there are more and more types of shoe press machine equipment that appear on the market, and many devices are dazzling. If the purchaser accidentally buys a poor presser, the quality of the shoes he makes, the machine malfunctions frequently, he needs regular maintenance, and he spends a lot of money to buy but the gains are minimal. To buy a satisfactory bottom press, it is important to choose a high quality press machine manufacturer.


How to buy the press machine? In this era of information proliferation, there are many information on the press machine manufacturers on the market. It is not an easy task to find a truly powerful manufacturer. Buyers need to examine the following four aspects. Press machine manufacturers, and to find the most suitable one.


Look at the strength of the company: buyers can examine the overall strength of a company from the perspectives of company size, industry chain, process equipment, R&D capabilities, number of patents, quality supervision, product series, and recent cases, and compare it against other companies to select More powerful press machine manufacturers.


Look at the company's reputation: Word of mouth is a reflection of the company’s social image and product quality. Buyers can learn from the customers who bought the pressers to change the company's corporate reputation, product quality, cost performance and other information, and choose a more reliable pressure. Base machine manufacturers.


Again, look at company services. The purchaser should pay attention to the inspection of the after-sales service system of the target company. It is not only a reaction of the company's strength but also a guarantee for the purchaser to use the press machine at a later stage.


Look at the company's factory: After choosing the press machine manufacturer, it is best for buyers to visit the company to see if the company's physical factory scale, production line, quality supervision and other aspects meet expectations, and determine if it is really a strong pressure. Base machine manufacturers.

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