How the sand casting equipment industry will develop intelligently?

- Mar 29, 2019-

How the sand casting industry will develop intelligently?

With the continuous development of information technology, the concept of intelligence has gradually penetrated into all walks of life and all aspects of our lives. In order to achieve rapid development, China's sand molding machinery foundry industry must develop smart molds foundry machine. It is reported that with the unsustainable low-cost human resources and the continuous development of science and technology in China, automation and intelligent manufacturing must become an important development direction of modern manufacturing. The sand molding machine industry will also develop rapidly.

The development of the sand mold foundry industry towards smart molds is also understandable. The development of smart molds casting equipment is not only a new requirement put forward by the manufacturing industry for the mold making industry, but also a driving force for the further development of the sand mold foundry industry. Therefore, it will become the development direction of the future sand mold making foundry industry.

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