How's Robotic Polishing Machine Working

- Jul 21, 2018-

Robot polishing machine.jpg

The automatic robotic polishing machine system is fully automatic controlled by an industrial robot, can be repeatedly edited, and can perform various polishing operations in a three-dimensional space. The robot hand grips the vehicle with a bearing capacity of 50-80KG and an arm length of 1900~2150mm. The polishing machine has a plurality of available grinding contact wheels. During the grinding process, the robot can control the belt speed, automatically adjust the tension of the belt, and automatically select the currently available contact wheel.

The robot polishing machine has an automatic position compensation function, which can automatically detect the wear condition of the polishing wheel during the grinding process, and automatically adjust the position of the polishing wheel to compensate for the position error caused by the wear of the polishing wheel. The polishing machine has a belt break alarm function, which effectively eliminates the danger and time waste caused by the empty running of the robot after the belt breaks.

The new robotic flexible polishing system combines a force-compensating polishing machine with a robot, a sensor, and a controller to form an intelligent manufacturing system. Compared with ordinary mechanical polishing and manual polishing, it can ensure the surface quality of the workpiece during the polishing process of complex curved workpieces. The processed products have high quality consistency and the processing efficiency is greatly improved.


The entire polishing robot is sealed in the machine room, and the waste generated by the polishing process can be effectively cleaned and controlled without polluting the environment or affecting the health of the operator. The robot polishing system has an irreplaceable advantage in the field of finishing of complex shaped workpieces.

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