How Is Robotic Polishing Machine Deburring Parts

- Jul 20, 2018-

Robot polishing machines.jpg

Robotic Polishing Machine deburring is the removal of metal parts used to shoot burrs, sharp edges, or fins.

The six-axis deburring robot can drive the milling cutter to take the boring tool to the human hand. From any angle and position around the casting and above, the nozzle and the clamping line on the surface of the casting can be removed flexibly, accurately and accurately. And sorting some holes that should be covered and covered with aluminum.

This type of robot polishing machine is essentially a dedicated six-axis linkage machining center, but it also has the characteristics of fast and flexible robots. It is a robot processing equipment. According to different deburring workpieces, the corresponding robot structure and tooling are designed. The deburring efficiency of the robot is 4-6 times higher than that of the manual.

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