How Features Sanitary Napkins Machine

- May 21, 2018-

sanitary napkin machine.jpg

Sanitary napkins machine(Sanitary napkins equipment, women's sanitary napkins machinery)Product Description:

1. Use pin-disc or saw blade crusher.

2. Wick double stripping, toilet paper overmolding.

3. Polymer interrupted or mixed application.

4. It has a non-woven fabric T-shirt slitting and mesh surface treatment function.

5. Heated rotating body adopts cylinder pressure to realize non-stop phase adjustment.

6. New planetary gear steering mechanism.

7. The slitting device adopts a new type of scraping and cutting, and the impact load is small.

8. Equally spaced whole-arm mechanism, two-level drop-type cover.

9. The whole machine adopts variable frequency speed control drive, gear box, cardan shaft, imported timing belt drive.

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