How does the sand belt polishing machine extend the life of the belt?(3)

- May 17, 2019-

How does the sand belt polishing machine extend the life of the belt?

The sand belt polishing machine production process is extremely strict for the requirements of abrasive belt substrate, abrasive, binder and sand density. The premature end of the life of the belt is often caused by improper use. Below we will A typical problem is analyzed.

3, blocked:

        The clogging is that the abrasive gap is quickly covered and filled by the swarf before the abrasive cutting edge is completely blunt, thereby causing the abrasive belt to lose its cutting ability.

There are many reasons for the blockage, which are caused by improper use of materials, materials to be processed and belt selection:

——The contact wheel or pressure plate is too soft, which makes it difficult for the abrasive grains to cut into the workpiece. The abrasive belt is mainly in the grinding state, and the temperature of the processing zone is heated by friction, so that the chips are “welded” to the abrasive belt, causing blockage. The solution should be a hard contact wheel and pressure plate, or a contact wheel and pressure plate with a peak tooth back, or a small diameter contact wheel.

——The speed of the belt is too high and it is difficult to make the abrasive particles cut into the workpiece effectively. It will also cause blockage and burn of the workpiece. At this time, the belt speed should be reduced.

——The material to be processed is too soft (such as aluminum, copper and other non-ferrous metals), which is easy to cause blockage of the surface of the belt. The solution should be: using a spalling belt; using coarse-grained belts under the condition of meeting the roughness requirements. A brittle silicon carbide abrasive belt is used; a grinding aid is used, such as a lubricant.

——The processing surface of the material that is easy to block is smooth. For such materials, it is not possible to use the abrasive belt which is easy to cause scratches such as grease and coarse grain. The super-coated belt should be used, which has good chip removal and anti-blocking performance.

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