How Does CNC Milling Machine Work(4)

- Jul 04, 2018-

CNC milling machine.JPG

4. CNC milling machine matters needing attention

The following issues should be noted during the tool setting operation:

(1) Using the correct tool setting tool to control the tool setting error according to the machining requirements;

(2) In the tool setting process, the accuracy of the CNC milling machine tool setting can be improved by changing the fine feed;

(3) Care must be taken when setting up the knife, especially paying attention to the direction of movement to avoid the danger of collision;

(4) The tool setting data must be stored in the memory address corresponding to the program to prevent serious consequences due to call errors.

by the way,the tool compensation value input and modify:

According to the actual size and position of the tool, the tool radius compensation value and tool length compensation value are input to the storage location corresponding to the program.

It should be noted that the correctness of the CNC milling machine data, the correctness of the symbol, and the correctness of the address where the data is located will threaten the processing, which may result in a crash or scrapping of the processing.