How Does CNC Milling Machine Work(2)

- Jul 02, 2018-

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2. Precautions in the operation of CNC milling machine

(l) Before starting the machine, check whether the lubricating oil in the lubricating oil pump behind the milling machine is sufficient, whether the air compressor is turned on, and whether the mechanical oil used for the cutting fluid is sufficient.

(2) When turning on the power, first turn on the main power, then press the ON button in the CNC power supply and turn the emergency stop button clockwise until all the functions of the milling machine have been tested (the red LED on the lower operation panel is off). Press the machine button to reset the milling machine and stand by.

(3) In the manual operation, it must be noted that the Z axis must be in the lifting position before moving in the X and Y directions. During the movement, you can't just look at the changes in the coordinate position of the CRT screen. Instead, you should observe the movement of the tool. After the tool is moved into position, look at the CRT screen for fine-tuning.

(4) In the programming process, for beginners, use G00 commands as little as possible, especially in X, Y, Z three-axis linkage. When walking the empty knife, the movement of the Z axis should be separated from the movement of the X and Y axes, that is, multiple lifting and less oblique insertion. Sometimes, the tool breaks when the tool hits the workpiece due to oblique insertion.

(5) When using a computer for serial communication, it is necessary to: first open the milling machine, then open the computer; first shut down the computer, and then shut the milling machine.

To avoid the impact of the instantaneous change of the current on the computer during the switching process of the milling machine.

(6) When using the function of DNC (program transmission between computer and milling machine), it is necessary to pay attention to the memory capacity of the milling machine. Generally, the total number of bytes transferred from the computer to the milling machine should be less than 23 kB. If the program is relatively long, it must be processed by the computer while transferring, but the block number must not exceed N9999. If the program segment exceeds 10,000, the program segment number can be canceled by means of the program editing function in MASTERCAM.

(7) When the alarm appears in the milling machine, it is necessary to find out the reason according to the alarm number and release the alarm in time. It is not possible to turn off the alarm, otherwise the alarm remains in the alarm state after the power on.

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