How Does CNC Milling Machine Work(1)

- Jul 01, 2018-

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CNC milling machine is an automatic processing equipment developed on the basis of general milling machine. The processing technology of both is basically the same and the structure is somewhat similar.

(l) Writing or programming Before machining, the machining program of the workpiece should be prepared first. If the machining program of the workpiece is long and complex, it is better not to program on the CNC milling machine but to use a programming machine or computer programming, which can avoid occupation of the machine. For short programs should also be written on the program list.

(2) The start-up is generally the first to open the machine and then open the system, some designs are interlocked, the machine can not display information on the CRT without power.

(3) Reference point return for machine tools with incremental control systems (using incremental position detection elements), this step must first be performed to establish a reference for the machine coordinates.

(4) Adjustment processing program according to the program storage media (paper tape or tape, disk), you can use tape reader, tape drive, programming machine or serial communication input, if simple procedures can be directly used by the keyboard in the CNC control panel if you go to lose, if the program is very simple and only one piece is processed, the program does not have to be saved. The MDI method can be used to input people step by step and step by step. In addition, the workpiece origin, tool parameters, offsets, and various compensation quantities used in the program must be input before processing.

(5) Program edit if you need to modify the input program, edit it. At this time, the mode selection switch is placed in the edit position, and the edit button is used to add, delete, and change. For the editing method, see the corresponding manual.

(6) Locking the CNC milling machine, running the program This step is to check the program. If there is any error, you need to edit it again.

(7) Upper workpieces, aligning The cutters are manually incremented and moved continuously or with a hand wheel to move the machine. Point the knife to the beginning of the program and the reference for the good tool.

(8) Start coordinate feed Continuous machining is generally performed using a memory program. This method is lower than the failure rate of the program processing on the tape. The feedrate during machining can be adjusted with the feedrate override switch. During processing, press the feed hold button to pause the feed motion, observe the processing conditions or perform manual measurements. Press the cycle start button again to resume machining. To ensure that the procedure is correct, it should be reviewed again before processing. When milling, for flat curved workpieces, pencils can be used to replace the contour of the workpiece on the paper, which is more intuitive. If the system has a tool path simulation function, it can be used to check the correctness of the program.

(9) Operation display the screens of the CRT are used to display the position of the table or tool, the program, and the status of the CNC milling machine tool so that the operator can monitor the machining condition.

(10) Program output After finishing the machining, if the program is necessary for saving, it can be left in the CNC memory. If the program is too long, the program in the memory can be output to an external device (such as a puncher) in the punched tape (or Tape, disk, etc.)

(11) Shutdown normally shut down the CNC milling machine and shut the system.

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