How does automatic polishing generally work?

- Jul 12, 2019-

How does automatic polishing generally work?

According to the machine paired with the shape of the polished product, we can roughly divide it into standard mechanical and non-standard machinery. Standard machinery is currently produced by most of the polishing equipment manufacturers, mainly including round tube polishing machines, flat polishing machines, square tube polishing machines and other shapes with relatively regular products. These kinds of machinery are generally similar, mainly depends on the production stability of the machine and the effect of polishing the finished product, and secondly, whether the after-sales service is comprehensive. For non-standard machines, those that are tailored to irregular shapes are used. Such machinery requires strong technical strength to produce, and it is necessary to identify the manufacturer's technology and production strength. At present, the non-standard machinery market is expanding, and there are fewer manufacturers that can design polishing equipment independently. In the future competition of polishing equipment, technological leadership will lead the industry.

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