How does a napkin paper machine work ?

- May 31, 2018-

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In a variety of dining venues, we will see a variety of napkins, with the improvement of living standards, napkin paper have gradually become an essential part of family life, the prospects of the napkin tissue industry is still considerable.Machines for making napkins tissue is easy to operate.

So How Does a Napkin Naper Machine Work?

Napkin paper machine works simply, according to the function can be divided into embossed napkin folding machine and color napkin machine. The embossing napkin machine is used to emboss, fold, electronically count, and cut the raw material into a clear, neat and clean napkin product. The whole process is completed by the machine at one time. With high automation, good processing quality and high production efficiency, it is an ideal production equipment for paper products factories and urban and rural households to build factories with small investments and quick results.

Color napkin machine is based on ordinary embossed napkins with color printing function, a single color, multi-color printing, according to the need to print different colors of the pattern, such as color patterns, telephone numbers, corporate trademarks, etc., can be based on customers The requirements to customize

Understand the working principle of the napkin machine, daily maintenance of the napkin machine is also important to achieve the standard operation, so as to maintain the machine's own service life.

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