Horizontal sand molding machine main function

- Aug 26, 2019-

Horizontal sand molding machine main function

The fully automatic horizontal molding machine is used to make sand casting equipment. Its main function is: sand filling, filling loose sand into the sand box; compacting sand, compacting loose sand in the sand box by different methods such as compaction, compaction, shock pressure, and injection pressure, so that the sand type It has the necessary strength during handling and casting; the mold is removed, and the pattern is taken out from the compacted sand mold by different mechanisms.

The fully automatic horizontal molding machine can make the molding plate, the sand box and the molding sand vibrate with high frequency and small amplitude while the molding sand is compacted. When the sand box is filled with loose molding sand, there are still many gaps between the sand grains. At this time, the template is directly vibrated, and the energy is transmitted to the sand particles, so that a new equilibrium position is found in the continuous movement, thereby filling the gap. Improve its tightness. When the additional vibration is continued during the compaction process, in addition to the above effects, the external frictional resistance between the sand and the inner wall of the flask can be reduced, and the compaction effect is further increased. Therefore, the additional vibration can significantly improve the phenomenon of uneven real-time compaction.

Compaction and simultaneous microseismic can also achieve higher average compaction than simple compaction, because microseism can improve the fluidity of the sand during compaction, so it can be obtained with the same compaction specific pressure. Average tightness and a more even distribution of compactness.

The automatic molding machine can not only perform microseismic at the same time of compaction, but also perform microseismic during the sanding process, which is called pre-shock before compaction. This can increase the amount of sand filling in the sand box, improve the original compactness and uniformity of the sand type; reduce the height of the pre-filled frame and reduce the stroke of the compacted piston, especially for high sand boxes or complex models. The shape is favorable.

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