Gravity casting machine specific introduction(2)

- Nov 27, 2018-

2. Exterior work

(1) Pay attention to the safety of lifting and transportation during the work, and definitely stop the work as a figure to facilitate the work under the lifting object. The sand type should be placed on the stable and consolidated bracket to avoid falling objects and colliding people.

(2) When making the appearance and core making, pay attention to avoiding the sand box, the core box landing, the fingers being pinched by the sand box, the nails in the sand and other sharp metal pieces to break the hand, the nails and other feet. In the operation, pay attention to the method of transferring the sand box and the core box, wear the safety shoes with strong soles, and use the sieve or magnetic separation to separate the nails and metal fragments in the sand.

(3) Stacking sandboxes for exteriors To avoid smashing and injuring people, the total height of stacking should not exceed 2m.

(4) When selecting the external shape of the pit, it is necessary to understand the water level of the external part of the pit to prevent the high temperature metal liquid from blasting during the pouring, and also to organize the exhaust tunnel so that the gas at the bottom of the mold can be smoothly discharged. Outside the type.

(5) The ribs of the core iron and the sand box should not be exposed on the surface of the mold. Otherwise, because it absorbs moisture, the molten metal is prone to "fire" when it is touched, and the staff is burnt.

(6) When using the machine's appearance and core making, it is necessary to understand the performance and safe operating procedures of the machine.

(7) In the case of external sand blasting, the operator should wear hard baotou work shoes and keep the energy gathered. When operating the tamping machine, do not squat on the feet or on the sides of the boxes, the belts, the gates and the air outlets. To avoid affecting the quality of sand and forming personal events.

(8) When sanding the outer shape, the operator should cooperate with each other; do not stack sandboxes and other objects around the cantilever of the sand throwing machine; when stopping the work, the cantilever should be tightly closed so that it cannot swim.

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