General equipment for aluminum die casting machine

- Aug 29, 2018-

aluminum die casting machine

The low pressure casting machine is a general purpose equipment for aluminum alloy gravity die casting machines, and can be widely used in the production of aluminum alloy castings in automobiles, motorcycles, meters, textile machinery and aerospace industries. The low-pressure casting machine is composed of a main machine, a hydraulic system, a molten pool type holding furnace, a liquid surface pressing device, an electric control system, and a mold cooling system.

Aluminum alloy low pressure die casting machine system:

      The low pressure casting machine system is mainly used for low pressure casting of aluminum alloy parts. It drives metal liquid into the cavity under the action of electromagnetic force. The flow is stable, the flow rate and flow rate are continuously and accurately controllable, the casting process is prepared, the liquid transmission is stable, and the aluminum liquid is reduced. The advantages of gas and inclusion content, so that high-quality castings can be obtained, and production efficiency and product cost can be improved. It is a modern and advanced casting production equipment.

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